Pharmazone is independently operated and owned by Mr. Azim, who believes in investing in the best possible pharma care. At Pharmazone, you’ll experience a level of personal attention unmatched by larger retail chains, since, we can focus on building relationships with members of the communities in which our pharmacy resides. We’ve built a reputation for going above and beyond customers’ every expectation.


As your healthcare provider, our goal is to empower you to live a healthy and active life by providing personalized, compassionate holistic health care. At Pharmazone, we strive and take pride in supporting your health and the health of your family which is our primary concern. 


To be the most trusted and best local pharmacy and medical care provider in the community. We will consistently meet your needs by providing a superior experience and the best practice from our prescribers/medical practitioners.  

  • We value your time.
  • We respect your concern.
  • We protect your privacy.
  • We work for your best interest.
Pharmacy Services
  • Delivery of your medication to your home when you need it.
  • We organize your medication in compliance, pack free of cost.
  • Free health consultation.
  • Rx-refill
  • The pharmacist can provide an emergency supply of your chronic medication when you cannot reach a doctor (certain conditions).
  • Travel vaccine(s).
  • Flu shot.
  • Medication review.
  • Contact your prescriber to clarify the appropriateness of your therapy.

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Request for Delivery

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